G&S planwerk,

Make your visions come true.

We plan, develop, design and build, Europe-wide, specialist stores of every size, student apartments, boarding houses, micro-apartments, hotels, offices, rehabilitation facilities, aged care and seniors' residences. We forge new, different and unusual pathways! We assert our claim in our company name: "Seeing the right plan through to the completed work" – welcome to G&S planwerk.

It is not only in the realm of furniture that we are inventors and pioneers for so many specialist store concepts, but also in the areas mentioned above we are trailblazers for new ideas in interior furnishing.

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With the right plan to the completed work.


Many different people are involved in a building project. Every single one of them contributes to making the project a success. Nothing works without plans! To ensure success, it is extremely important to ensure that ...



Shop design

Our architects and store construction / shopfitting professionals deal with sales-promoting optimisation of product presentation on a daily basis:  How best a store can be designed ...




Planned visions and experiences awaken to reality. Without professional assembly by experienced craftspeople, any planning would be meaningless. Our installation professionals ensure  a smooth operation ...