Furniture stores

A major focus of our work is on furniture stores. Many planning projects have already passed through our hands and those of our printers.  On the following pages, you can find a small selection of recent projects. We would like to thank all our customers and clients for their trust. Dear reader, why not test us as well?


Kika Furniture Stores

kika Möbelhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H. is an Austrian furniture retailer. The family-run company has its headquarters ...more

Leiner Furniture Stores

Rudolf Leiner GmbH is an Austrian furniture store. The family-run trading company has its headquarters in St. Pölten ...more

Zurbrüggen Furniture Stores

The furniture store Zurbrüggen Wohnzentrum GmbH has its headquarters and company office in Unna and employs approximately ...more

Aiko Furniture Stores

Aiko furniture stores have become the market leader in Bulgaria over the years with the help of a lot know-how on the part of G&S planwerk GmbH.more

Weko Furniture Store

For Weko in Pfarrkirchen, the entire ground floor was newly designed by G&S planwerk. Well thought-out routes and a newly designed ...more