Kika Furniture Stores

kika Möbelhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H. is an Austrian furniture retailer. The family-run company has its headquarters in St. Pölten and since 2010 has been managed by Paul Koch, the son of the company founder Herbert Koch, who launched the first furniture store under the name "kika" in Vienna. With the concept of "cash and carry", kika quickly became successful and over the years has developed from a cash&carry market into a full-service furniture store with a wide range of products and services.  Kika furniture stores can now be found in Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Serbia as well as outside Europe.

On behalf of kika, G&S Planwerk has planned and realised numerous different new construction, shopfitting and conversion projects in Austria as well as in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Projects realised:


  • Kika Wien-Nord Österreich
    (Conversion 28.000 m²)
  • Kika Poprad Slowakei
    (New buildings 4.200 m²)
  • Kika Klagenfurt Österreich
    (Conversion 24.000 m²)


  • Kika Ansfelden Österreich
    (Conversion Jugendzimmer 1.500 m²)
  • Kika Eugendorf Österreich
    (Conversion 1.300 m²)
  • Kika Liezen Österreich
    (Conversion 10.300 m²)
  • Kika Netanya Israel
    (Conversion 11.000 m²)
  • Kika Ried Österreich
    (Conversion 10.400 m²)
  • Kika Rijeka Kroatien
    (New buildings 2.800 m²)
  • Kika Spittal Österreich
    (Conversion 9 .500 m²)
  • Kika Unterwart Österreich
    (Conversion 10.100 m²)
  • Kika Villach Österreich
    (Conversion 4 .000 m²)
  • Kika Vösendorf Österreich
    (Conversion 2 .500 m²)
  • Kika Liberec Tschechien
    (Conversion 4 .200 m²)