Planning doesn't happen on its own.

Many ideas have to be developed and examined with regard to their feasibility, many work activities have to be coordinated and aligned with one another. Visions and wishes have to be put down tangibly on paper, schedules must be created and fitters require detailed plans for their work. Setting ourselves the standard of finding the perfect solution for our customers, we approach every project with commitment and ambition.

Many different people are involved in a building project. Every single one of them contributes to making the project a success. Nothing works without plans! To ensure success, it is extremely important to ensure that all plans are aligned with one another.

We at G&S planwerk develop plans of many different kinds down to the last detail:

  • Floor plans – how and where should the different floor materials be laid?
  • Ceiling plans – where and how should a ceiling grid be suspended or where should a plasterboard ceiling be installed?   
  • Lighting plans – how many spotlights should be installed, where are the routes for the electricity supply?
  • Partition wall plans – how and where should the partitions be installed and what colour should they be painted? … and much more 

Everything relating to a highly complex plan needs to be developed professionally.

Eine effiziente Planung setzt rechtzeitiges Handeln voraus.

Practical aspects

Our planning usually starts with some area concepts that we use to determine where and on what scale products should be placed.  These plans also show the concept for the layout of routes.

In a second step, the so-called fine tuning takes place.  As part of this, sales products, e.g. furniture or product display units of different shapes and sizes, are worked into the plans true to scale. The fine tuning is often done by us in cooperation with the customer on-site. Purchasers and merchandisers can then contribute their suggestions immediately during planning discussions.  In this way, we arrive at a good result quickly and efficiently. 

Flexibility is always essential

The planning of a large-scale project also involves the fact that plans (can) always change and must therefore be constantly adjusted. With us, everything comes together.  Thus, for example, we incorporate the (partial) plans of other companies or industry into our master plans and examine them with regard to their feasibility.

Ultimately, the final plans are created with all the details that have to be turned into reality.  Every plan must be so perfectly worked out that the customer, as well as the employees and shopfitters involved, all understand how, where, when, and what the result will be.

In line with our motto:

With the right plan to the completed work - G&S planwerk.