Shop design

Function follows design, design follows function

Without planning, none of today's achievements would be conceivable. Thousands of engineers around the world are working on new, innovative products to make daily life easier and more agreeable. In the process, they also consider how new products must be designed in order for them to be attractive to and purchased by end consumers. Our shop designers do nothing less.

Our architects and store construction / shopfitting professionals deal with sales-promoting optimisation of product presentation on a daily basis:  How  best can a store be designed in terms of sales promotion and effectiveness? What floor coverings are most suitable? How should the ceiling be designed, how should the layout of routes be planned?  They also think about the right kind of lighting and colour design and develop new product placement units and novel shop systems.

Funktion folgt Design, Design folgt Funktion

Creative, innovative, trend-orientated

Very often, fresh and unused studio solutions and concepts have to be developed. This all requires creativity, imagination and technical understanding. It goes without saying that our shop designers are aware of the latest market trends and developments. They know what materials and colours are currently in fashion and what trends can be expected in the immediate future.

Psychological knowledge on how best to sell

Sales strategy and psychological aspects play a significant role in modern store planning . The latest findings of advertising and market research must be integrated at the planning stage. Our shop designers of course keep up to date in this regard.

Customer-orientated and affordable

In all of this, we have never lost sight of our customers' interests. All solutions must be target group oriented and affordable. Anyone can do expensive, after all.  The trick is to find sensible and innovative solutions that remain within the budget. Our store shopfitting professionals do just that. They know how best to implement ideas in an affordable way.