Fast, reliable, everything as discussed

What use is the best planning if it isn't implemented professionally and according to schedule? Our shopfitting teams guarantee fast and professional implementation of individual work activities on the construction site. With the best materials and equipment, our fitters implement the ideas and concepts of the planners and shop designers.


Planned visions and experiences awaken to reality. Without professional assembly by experienced craftspeople, any planning would be meaningless. Our installation professionals ensure smooth realisation of plans.



Everything from a single source

You don't have to struggle finding suitable floor fitters, painters, ceiling fitters, all-round installers etc. With  G&S planwerk, you get everything from a single source -  professionally, reliably, quickly. And it doesn't matter whether  it is a large-scale construction site or a smaller project. We look after everything equally carefully.

Quality and flexibility are our priority. As you never know what might happen during the building phase, a competent shopfitting manager is available at all times as a knowledgeable contact person during the entire construction period. S/He makes sure that everything "goes smoothly".

By the way, our fitters are also available to carry out building work that we haven't planned.

Just ask for a quote!

Everything from a single source