An idea, an invention, a company

In 1991, the founding of the "Planungsbüro GOCAD" (Planning Office GOCAD) marked the start of today's company G&S planwerk.  On the basis of qualified know-how, consistent customer orientation and not least by means of the new and in many areas innovative CAD technology, our office soon became established on the market as a shopfitting service provider. Via many successful stops along the way, the company came increasingly closer to today's main field of business.

With steady growth and with the help of modern programmes, numerous striking milestones were laid in the planning of furniture stores - nationally as well as internationally.

In 2001,  Peter Schlebes and Christoph Gores decided to officially expand the field of business and founded "G&S planwerk GmbH". From then on, work did not just involve planning, but also complete shopfitting. 


Large-scale projects in the German-speaking area

Going beyond pure planning, complete development (planning and implementation) of construction projects became a major focus at G&S  – be it partial conversions of departments, entire storeys, small buildings or real large-scale projects such as the  30,000 m² complete conversion and new construction of a business premises in the centre of Vienna (Leiner Mariahilferstrasse).

In Germany, G&S has planned and realised a number of building projects on a large scale, for Weko, Möbel Rück, Poco, Zurbrüggen among others as well as for IKEA.

Eine Idee, eine Erfindung, ein Unternehmen

Large-scale projects on an international stage

In parallel with large-scale projects at national level and in the German-speaking area, G&S also realises full-service construction works for international clients. Thus, companies from the Netherlands and Bulgaria are part of G&S's group of clients as well as large players in Eastern Europe who need to hold their own in competition.

In collaboration with "kaka", for instance, we have already planned and extended a number of furniture stores in Eastern Europe (among others in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic). The same holds for stores in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Our great success and the necessary expansion of personnel and space led to the decision to construct our own office building incl. logistics centre. This was  fully implemented in 2007.

Today, G&S planwerk GmbH is a well-known and steady player on the market, and by means of continuous improvement and close, long-standing collaboration with major branches has become one of the market leaders in the furniture industry.